Keys to a new world

  • The 17 June 2021
  • Nantes
  • COVID-19, Manufacturing

The International Ouest Club is organising a round table on 17 June on the following theme : New frontiers, new horizons and new links drawn by the health, societal and economic crises.

An afternoon of reflection around experts and industrialists organised in 4 stages: 

  • A first round table on the state of play of the crisis
  • A second round table on the "desire for the future" of industrialists
  • The vision of tomorrow: new horizons
  • The new links: the meeting in these times of retreat

Composed of our experts and industrialists: André Comte Sponville, François Payno, Didier Lepelletier, Yann Masselot, Denis Deschamps, Bruno Bouygues, Etienne Vauchez, Thibaut Bardon, and Denis Caille.


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