• From 09 to 12 June 2020
  • Nantes
  • EMR

Seanergy is an international forum dedicated to offshore wind energy and marine renewable energies

The Seanergy trade fair is dedicated to nurturing and promoting the MRE sector, with a special emphasis on offshore wind energy – fixed and floating – wave power, floating solar panels, tidal energy, marine thermal energy (MTE) and more.

Seanergy brings together 250 exhibitors and over 3500 international players from the MRE sector (technological experts, NGOs, researchers, investors and sub-contractors), with an exhibition space, conferences, working meetings, industry gatherings and site visits. The aim is to stimulate opportunities for synergy between the different players in the sector, accelerating the process of development and structural solidification in France and worldwide.

The purpose of this event is to catalyse development by encouraging collaboration between businesses, researchers and centres of development. It also aims to bring in experienced forces from the marine technology and energy sectors.

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Exponantes - Route de Saint-Joseph de Porterie
44300 Nantes



Marine Renewable Energy

Preparing to welcome two offshore wind farms in 2018, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire metro area is already looking ahead for offshore renewable energy.

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