• Du 20 au 24 août 2023
  • Nantes
  • Agroalimentaire
The 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium will be held at La Cité des Congrès de Nantes, located in the heart of historic Nantes, France.
In keeping with the traditions of this Symposium from the inaugural meeting in 1992 to honour the memory of Rose Marie Pangborn, the 15th Symposium will showcase the research of fundamental and applied sensory and consumer scientists from a cross section of early and advanced career participants representing industry and academia.
The theme for the 15th Symposium ‘Meeting New Challenges in a Changing World’ will acknowledge the impact of today’s fast-moving technology on current and future sensory science research.
New generations of computers together with new analytical techniques such as meta-analysis, interactive electronic databases, machine learning etc. are constantly shaping our way of working, if not our way of thinking. Here, as elsewhere, we need to meet the new challenges to take better advantage of these opportunities.
New horizons for sensory science will open if the field continues to take advantage from its position at the confluence of many scientific disciplines and explores beyond its boundaries to broaden our understanding of sensory perception and human behaviour.
Topics for which abstracts are invited include:.
1. Fundamentals of sensory perception.
2. Sensory science and individual or population diversities.
3. Emerging sensory and consumer science methodologies.
4. Sensometrics.
5. Challenges and opportunities in a digital sensory world.
6. Effective use of sensory science in product development.
7. User experience of food and non-food products.
8. Culinary arts, hospitality, and sensory and consumer science.
9. Global resource challenges, sustainability & food waste.
10. Collecting and communicating sensory properties in the global village.
11. Education and training in sensory and consumer science.
The organizers look forward to welcoming you to Nantes for the opportunity to share our collective research thoughts and experiences. .

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